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Trading Rooms is India’s first automated social investing and trading platform. We are on a mission to help bring simplicity and convenience to the world of trading.

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Experience a brand new way to trade markets effortlessly.

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Follow Rooms setup by star traders

Follow India’s top traders for actionable insights about the market, delivered right to your feed.

Trade when they Trade

Want more than actionable insights? Become a member of their room to automatically replicate their trading in your own portfolio.(Perfect for those who have the money but not the time)

Not just a platform, but also a community

A collaborative community of traders and investors, this is the perfect place to connect, share, and learn. Socialize with other Room Members and discuss strategies and benefit from their knowledge.

Multiple rooms to find your right fit

Our platform provides various strategies, ranging from discretionary, algorithmic, equity, derivatives, short-term, etc. to choose from so that you can find the right fit for you!

TradingRooms has arrived.

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